Credit Card Terms of Service

Credit Card Terms of Service

The usage of the word “Customer” in our Terms of Service (TOS) is the person and/or company that has the legal right to make a purchase of services or goods on the credit card provided. The driver’s license (or other documentation approved in advance by Mike’s Mobile Wrenches) must be submitted along with the agreement of TOS. All questions below must be answered.

Once we have received your agreement to the Terms of Service (TOS), a Mike’s Mobile Wrenches representative will phone you to obtain your credit card details and process the payment.

Please be advised that a tech will not be scheduled or dispatched until you agree to our TOS and we process the initial $375.00 payment. Thank you for choosing Mike’s Mobile Wrenches!

Payment Form

(as it appears on your CC)
Billing Address *
Billing Address
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Credit Card Information

This website is https website. Please enter your three-digit code (or four-digit code for AmEx CC's). We will not process your credit card without this information. For your security, we will also ask for this information again when we speak with you on the phone to get all credit card information.

Driver's Information

Location of Unit *
Location of Unit
Upload Driver's License OR pic of VIN #

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

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