Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your company unique in the industry?

Mike’s Mobile Wrenches has all the software and diagnosis computer dealership level to provide the best service to all types of customers. We can do calibrations, force regens, etc. We have contracts with bit truck and trailer fleets to do their roadside repairs and yards maintenance and repairs. We have a shop where we can do more complex repairs. Also, we developed preventive Maintenance programs for small and large companies. This has helped us keep our customers happy for many years as we are on top of their needs and avoid downtime by catching any repairs that must be completed before they become a bigger issue. Our system keeps track of the preventive maintenance and all repairs done to the unit. Also, alerts us with a report when the unit is due for preventive maintenance and the customer has access to all this information the portal and allows them to make schedule service and maintenance as well.

What are our company’s greatest strengths?

Our customers appreciate our sense of urgency and focus on quality on the services we provide. We have many years of experience in the industry and has allowed us to be very cost-effective. We work closely with our vendor to get the best deals on parts, equipment, supplies so we can be competitive in this fast-growing market. Also, all our techs have many years of experience in the truck, trailer and generator industry and know how to properly diagnose and satisfy our customers’ requests.  We always keep close communication with the customer to keep improving our services and adjusting to their demands and specific request. Mike’s Mobile Wrenches’ goal is to always keep improving the experience, and quality of the service we provide.

Our company’s industry experience

We have been in business for over 10 years and our focus is to always keep close communication with the customer to learn from their needs and keep improving our services. Our customers love to do business with us because every year we can adjust to their demands and specific requests. Mike’s Mobile Wrenches’ goal is to always keep improving the experience and quality of the services we provide.

Why should a client choose our company?

Because Mike’s Mobile Wrenches is one of the largest mobile diesel repair companys in Georgia, we can get the job done, any job done – big or small. Mike’s Mobile Wrenches is also a Service Channel compliant company because we understand the value of technology to our clients and our business. We are also are BBB credited.