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I agree to the terms of service (TOS): I understand the hourly rate is: I understand Mike's Mobile Wrenches will be charging: Regular hours: $125/hr (2 hr minimum) plus $125 per service call. Minimum regular hours charge: $375 prior to a tech being dispatched. After hours / holiday and weekends : $150/hr (2 hr minimum) plus $125 per service call. Minimum of $425 prior to a tech being dispatched. Once the tech has arrived on-site, I understand the minimum charge is non-refundable. Once the job is completed, I agree to provide Mike's Mobile Wrenches with payment information so they can process it. The payment will be processed & must be approved while the customer is at the shop. I, the customer, understand that Mike's Mobile Wrenches is not responsible for guaranteeing any repairs to my vehicle. I also understand that some vehicles are beyond repair for some OEM calibrations. I also understand that on rare occasions the tech might have to leave the shop to respond to a fleet emergency. If that is the case, a tech will return to complete the job as quickly as possible.
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